Your Time is Up

Your Time is UpThe third offering in the exclusive Private series from the top US adult movie mogul Michael Ninn continues with the suave sophistication of the Ninn film factory and a list of the lustiest stateside sluts to fulfil your wildest fantasies: Jenna Haze, Tanya Danielle and Samantha Sterling to name a few. This is the scorching story of a prostitute who finds herself trapped by her own profession, her sexual fantasies and her friend Evan, who will help her to overcome these rough times. An explosion of anal sex and lesbian threesomes gives way to the hottest atmosphere you have ever experienced up until now. And all this is signed by the prestigious Michael Ninn.

Directed by the hand of one of Ninn's top talents, Barry Wood, the movie is set in LA and takes you from a sleazy hotel room to the sun scorched sands of the Californian desert. With bearded bikers and classic `50s Cadillacs, the action glides along as these blistering babes take in all the cock they can!

Your Time is Up

Versions available:
Your Time is Up - 1006675

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