Women In Control

Women In ControlFor over a decade, no critic in the adult world has yet pointed out the simple truth about Jim Holliday movies. Despite titles that are sexual, but could be construed by some as chauvinistic or sexist, at the end of every one of his flicks, women are always in control of the situation. So from this unlikely feminist supporter, VCA now brings you Jim Holidays WOMEN IN CONTROL.

Watch for the return of "Cute Chicks Cant Cook" and the "Footsucker Show" segments... Don't miss the opener between wealthy Tiffany Mynx and grease monkey Evan Stone; or the "first time ever" job interview scene with experienced Sydnee Steele and Kelly.

They are 100% pants stiffening or panties soaking variety. Jim and Jill will not disappoint either your trouser mouse or your bubbly "in-control" beaver.

Women In Control

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