Uranus Experiment Trilogy DVD-pack (4 discs)

Uranus Experiment Trilogy DVD-pack (4 discs)Blast into outer space with this special Uranus Experiment DVD 4 pack!

This sextraterrestrial pack features Episodes 1-3 of this amazing space age fuckathon. See the first weightless fuck and cumshot in outer space as it is broadcast to every TV around the world. See how the sexy female Russian cosmonauts obtain the American astronauts' sperm by any means possible and see the first alien blowjob on the planet Uranus.

Each movie is brimming with special effects, a great story line and not forgetting the awesome Silvia Saint who, with a host of other beauties really find out what a black hole is! There's also a musical score from Massive Attack and The Prodigy and DVD sampler 6, which contains loads of extra Private footage and photos of our beautiful girls. So cream me up Scottie!

Uranus Experiment Trilogy DVD-pack (4 discs)

Versions available:
DVD-Pack: Uranus Experiment, The (4 discs) - DPCK006-FWWPH-P

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