The Venus Hardcore Collection #7

The Venus Hardcore Collection #7Glossy, Asian, Gonzo and Teens! This 4 Disc Route XX Box Set has a lot to offer... titles include:

Jim Holiday's Sorority Showercam
Have you seen that film where a couple of reject nerdy college boys go peeping into the girls showers?? We never get to see much but we suspect what is really going on, or at least what we would like to go on. Well you will never see as much pussy and ass, fingering and clit licking as in this Jim Holiday peepshow, it's jut like being there. Enter the nerds and then begins the long-awaited steaming sex scenes. This is no stupid run of the mill Sorority Shower Cam movie, this is as real as it gets, all the action as it happens, how we would like to be there!

Ass Quest #2
Do you like a woman's ass, the way her pussy appears in a gentle mound as she bends over, then this is the movie for you. The most perfect asses are sought out for your anal and pussy pounding pleasure. In Ass Quest 2 the most beautiful women in Europe have been brought together for this Ass fest, sit back and enjoy.

Little Asian Sorority Sisters
Real authentic Asian hardcore action! Uncensored XXX! Japanese Import, shot in Japan! Tight asses and pussy's abound in this oriental sex fest. The prettiest asian girls around are hornier than ever! and as always nothing is to kinky for them.

Teenage Peep Show
Do you like to watch? Do you like to watch teenage girls getting it on? Teenage Peep Show is packed with delicious young teenage-girls, who like nothing better then to secretly spy on eachother... A see-through mirror provides Katie with an excellent view on the truly hearbreakingly beautiful Carmen, she watches this tasty blonde nymph play with her nipples and clit and then inserts a hair brush deep into her pussy, Katie gets really turned on by that! But she's not the only one... Here come the Horney guys!!!

The Venus Hardcore Collection #7

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