The Venus Hardcore Collection #24

The Venus Hardcore Collection #24Glossy, Asian, Gonzo and Teens! This 4 Disc Route XX Box Set has a lot to offer... titles include:

Dangerous Games
In the dead of night hearts are maliciously broken. In the light of day names are conveniently forgotten. But it is in the heat of passion that tempers take over and theigames begin, dangerous games where players play for keeps and deception turns deadly.

It's a Wonderful Life
A man (Steven) is a poor guy. Bad job, ugly apartment, drunken friends. The only sunshine in his life is his girlfriend Pamela. One day, he buys a lottery ticket. This one happens to be the winning one. His life is changed! He moves into a beautiful house, has many friends, and many women are after him... especially the real estate agent (Susan) who tries to lure him away from Pamela by using her charms. Even though Pamela sees th situation very clearly and tries to warn him, Steven is too busy with his new wealth and new false friends. First is Hank, a businessman and his assistant Sylvia. Then there are two shady business women (Lorie and Tina) who want to steal the most money possible. They are the ones who make him sign pseudo investment papers, after putting on a show for him. Meanwhile, Pamela has run away and found a new boyfriend, Steven's oldest friend Simon. He'll discover too late that all his money has been embezzled, that he has lost his new friends andnew lovers. The only person still by his side is Pamela, who makes him understand that money can't buy happiness…

Madam Alishia has had quite a life. For thirty years her beautiful mansion has been the playpen for gorgeous women plying their trade. Their trade being the "world's oldest profession" of course. From politician ito crooked cops the Madam has seen and done it all andinow she's ready to tell the story…to you…

Mask of Lust
A sexy horny masked ball soon gets out of hand and the party soons develops into an all out orgy, cocks are getting shoved into any avaiable hole and the girls are having to satisfy queues of guys, some decide to shorted the queue by taking two and three guys on at once. A few of the girls decide that some girl on girl action is what they really need and get down to some pussy licking and ass poking.

The Venus Hardcore Collection #24

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