The Venus Hardcore Collection #22

The Venus Hardcore Collection #22Glossy, Asian, Gonzo and Teens! This 4 Disc Route XX Box Set has a lot to offer... titles include:

Prague by Night #2
The mission is to vist Prague the most elegant city in Europe and discover what sexual delights make this city tick. On arriving the girls throw a party for Rocco at the Appollina Club in Prague. This is the most elegant sex club there..with the prettiest girls. Within the first half hour Rocco has screwed 7 girls! Four of them up the ass! After that it just gets better.

Just imagine if you could have a chance to review your life, a chance to re-assess your past loves and lovers, a chance to use this information to guide your future. Amanda has been given this chance. When a freak accident leaves her hovering somewhere between life and death, she is able to clearly see her past and all of her indiscretions. With th iguidance of a long lost friend, Amanda is given the opportunity to start her life over and find the passion and love she almost tossed aside.

Best Friends
Sometimes What You're Looking for is Rightiin Front of You - They were best friends since childhood. Two separate paths in life and a marriage gone bad. Why wasn't their perfect friendship ever taken to a romantic level? If love is meant to be, it can have a peculiar way of finding you, even when it's least expected...

California Cocksuckers #19
These girls want cock! They need cock! They need your big fucking cock! So whip it out and shove it in their mouth. They will suck it until you're ready to fuck it. Make them beg for your nut as you plow them in the pussies and butt. When your big fucking pole is ready to blow just shoot it down their drinking hole!!!

The Venus Hardcore Collection #22

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