The Venus Hardcore Collection #19

The Venus Hardcore Collection #19Glossy, Asian, Gonzo and Teens! This 4 Disc Route XX Box Set has a lot to offer... titles include:

Charged for Sex
Featuring the sleaziest sluts in Porn! 2 solid hours of hardcore action, girl on girl, DP's, Anal, blowjobs, everything you want from a porn movie.

Temptation Island
Immerse yourself in an island sanctuary, where all your senses are stimulated by unending, relentless passion. Relax and let the island goddesses satisfy your every desire. Immerse your senses in a lush, tropical paradise as beautiful women surround you, each existing to fulfil your ultimate fantasy. But don't get to comfortable because Temptation Island is the ultimate game of survival.

Blind Date
Lust is Blind and sometimes love is blind. Cursed with the gift of beauty and fame, Julie finds she is unable to meet a man who can look beyond her famous face and love her for who she is, not what she looks like. Tired of meaningless physical encounters, she's ready to give up. Until she meets Roy a handsome blind man who is attracted to her for all the right reasons and who is ironically, the only man who can see deep inside her soul.

Skin Dance
These girls and not only lap dancers, they are genuine whores, sex freaks who like to dance and sex it up on stage. Join them as they lap dance for your pleasure, watch as they do the most perverted things to each other, on and off stage.

The Venus Hardcore Collection #19

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