The Venus Hardcore Collection #15

The Venus Hardcore Collection #15Glossy, Asian, Gonzo and Teens! This 4 Disc Route XX Box Set has a lot to offer... titles include:

California CockSuckers #18
These girls want cock! They need cock! They need your big fucking cock! So whip it out and shove it in their mouth. They will suck it until you're ready to fuck it. Make them beg for your nut as you plow them in the pussies and butt. When your big fucking pole is ready to blow just shoot it down their drinking hole!!!

Hung Wankenstei
The monster comes to life but this time he isn't shouting, kill, kill ,kill, he's shouting, pussy, pussy, pussy, nothing can stop him taking what he wants. Fortunately for him his maker used a rather large cock so none of his victims are complaining, in fact when word gets around the village about the well hung monster girls are queuing up to do nasty things, good fun and good sex all round.

In this erotic tale of passion, possession, capture and release Ginger Lynn delivers the performance of her career as Kim, an unhappy housewife who is shown the true nature of her sexuality when she is abducted and held capture by a seductive stranger (Evan Stone). As her desire for her captor builds, she becomes aware of the passion she can no longer live without. Suddenly her spirit is awakened and her life is changed forever.

Naked Thrills
"We warned these girls that participating in such raunchy behavior at such an early age may become addicting. After all, using your twat to soak up semen like a sponge does have its pleasures. But these babes were too consumed with draining every last drop of jizz from our dicks to even listen. Instead, they turned their cunts and cans into cum receptacles, and even let complete strangers fill them with man muck, and now they're hooked on sperm! Blast a hot load deep inside and give these whores what they crave!"

The Venus Hardcore Collection #15

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