The Venus Hardcore Collection #13

The Venus Hardcore Collection #13Glossy, Asian, Gonzo and Teens! This 4 Disc Route XX Box Set has a lot to offer... titles include:

Nineteen College Girls
THE INVISIBLE MAN: Follow theiAdventures of Jon Talbot, the World's First Invisible Man... Episode 1: John discovers invisibility and his inability to get back… He also discovers what kind of sights are available to a man of invisibility: SHINY, NEW BICYCLE: He had been her next door neighbor forever… He restored her old bicycle to a brand new, shiny one. Then he wanted her to sit on his lap andigive him butterfly kisses. She complied with his requests till his fingers began to touch her private area. Then she became frightened. GROOMING TIPS: Features 5 helpful ways for girl to trim their pussy hair and make it as smooth as a peach… we have a stud try out the results… THE VIG: A debt, the mob, fresh pussy. All ingredients to a story as old as time itself… A debt to the mob has to be repaid, one way or the other!!!

Vegas or Bust
Vegas or Bust is first-rate porn featuring top performers. Beautifully shot and designed from start to finish. The sound quality is excellent, and the erotically subtle mix of musical styles and sex sounds within each scene was particularly impressive. I also found director Brad Armstrong's choice to vary between lengthy lesbian scenes, straight sex and a masturbation sequence uniquely pleasurable. This DVD is perfect for couples viewing or for a moment of indulgence when you have some time home alone.

Pretty Little Asians
Real authentic Asian hardcore action! Uncensored XXX! Japanese Import, shot in Japan! Tight asses and pussy's abound in this oriental sex fest. The prettiest asian girls around are hornier than ever! and as always nothing is to kinky for them.

Ben Dovers Dirty Blondes
Real Twins! Real Sex! Real Dirty! The show kicks off with a pair of teenage twins, just eighteen years old, they have never been filmed and never been fucked up the arse. By the time Ben and the boys had finished with young Jayney and Jade, we'd pumped their virgin bumholes full of dick and splattered their pretty smiling faces in hot creamy spunk. Fucking excellent! Another rampant little jizzguzzler that was captured on camera for your pleasure was Rebekah; fuck was she cute! A barely legal beauty with blonde hair and mouthwatering, turned-up titties. We shagged the teeny video virgin until she could hardly walk, then the little beauty took three hot loads in the face! Spunktastic! Next up comes Georgette, a sensational blonde from Essex. A girl with a big personality and a big appetite for cock. The boys banged her all around the hotel suite before concluding a fine day's filming by D.P.ing the hot little bitch in heat! And last but not least comes Teri; a big, buxom blonde with one of the fattest, juiciest arses I've ever had the good fortune to come across. The curvaceous babe had never before appeared in a sex video but in her dynamic debut decided she wanted two hard cocks in her shaven cunt simultaneously! As you have already guessed Ben and the boys were happy to grant her wish.

The Venus Hardcore Collection #13

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