The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal

The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandala.k.a. "The Tom Sizemore Sex Tapes"

Uncut and uncensored! Includes the secret scene you can't find anywhere. One unguarded moment one unscripted night! The Golden Globe nominated superstar has been caught on video! Taken from today's headlines one of Hollywood's baddest bad boys has been caught with his pants down...literally...along with four nasty girls, a dildo, whipped cream and a camera to capture it all. See the star of hundred million dollar movies joke to the camera while he turns a hotel room into one erotic film set! It's the biggest scandal since Paris did it in a Hilton! The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal. He's gone down... but not in a Black Hawk!

The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal

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