The Private Gladiator - Part III

The Private Gladiator - Part IIILike a phoenix rising from the ashes Maximus (Toni Ribas) returns to glory, this time as Rome's most celebrated gladiator, and finally he can take the opportunity to see justice done against the evil emperor (Frank Gun). Part III of the Gladiator trilogy once again leads us into the intrigues of ancient Rome as the cockbusting sex saga continues in a helter-skelter ride through 6 scenes of the steamiest sex action imaginable.

Our leading ladies Rita and Mandy will go to absolutely any lengths in their no-holds-barred quest for 'dickus maximus.' In a frenzy of raunchy revelry we are plunged into the ardent adventures of ancient Rome where the hedonistic sexual tastes of these lusty lovers guarantees us a rich and varied menu of the very best anal action, blow jobs galore and devilish DP.

The Private Gladiator - Part III

Versions available:
Sexual Conquest (Gladiator 3) - 1006610

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