The New Devil in Miss Jones

The New Devil in Miss Jones3 Disc Set. Includes the Original "Devil in Miss Jones" and outtakes and scenes not included in the movie. Special Appearance by the original Miss Jones Georgina Spelvin.

The blockbuster remake of the adult film classic "The New Devil in Miss Jones" with adult mega star Jenna Jameson playing the Devil and Savanna Samson in a riveting portrayal of Miss Jones. Georgina Spelvin, who starred in the original 1973 Gerard Damiano film, also has a role in the new film.With a budget far higher than other adult movies and dazzling sex scenes woven together with a thought-provoking story line, "The New Devil in Miss Jones" blurs the viewer's perception of what appears to be hyper-realism with evocative fantasy sequences. As Ms. Devlin, the Devil, Jameson captures the mood when she tells a horror-struck Justine Jones, "things seem a little bit mixed up, don't they?"

Miss Jones (SAVANNA SAMSON) is a virgin suicide who begs the Devil (JENNA JAMENSON) to allow her a little more time on earth before sending her back to Hell. The Devil agrees, but only if Jones promises to spend her short time on earth "consumed by lust," to introduce her to the delights of the flesh. Jones agrees. Jones, a true child of the devil, quickly learns to adore the ways of the flesh, which makes her final descent into damnation all the more frustrating. Hell clearly isn't hell until you know exactly what it is you're missing. PAUL THOMAS UPDATES HIS VERSION SO NOT TO BE OUTDATED... AND ADDS A SPECIAL TWIST TO THE END.

5A's... The Perfect Film..." - AVN.

25 Years Later The Devil Gets Her Due...

The New Devil in Miss Jones

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