The Devil Deep Inside

The Devil Deep InsideDevilishly Desirable - These Girls Like it as Deep as Possible! In the latest Kovi spectacular, The Devil Deep Inside, Michelle Wild stars with six other beautiful babes and one other special guest: the Devil himself! With six hot hardcore scenes, this film features mysterious angels, fortune tellers, devils, and dirty demon-ettes... The devil and his minions are concockting a cosmic plot to take over the world by stealing angelic Michelle Wild's virginity during the alignment of Mars and Jupiter, bringing an age-old prophecy to life!

Mick Blue, the film's protagonist, keeps having disturbing visions of an angelic face crying for help. When Mick meets Michelle and realises it’s her face he’s been seeing, he enlists the help of a fortune teller and discovers that his only way to save her is to take her virginity before the devil does!

The Devil Deep Inside

Versions available:
Devil Deep Inside, The - 1008648

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