StingersShe knows the gun's loaded, and she wants a full load! Is Travis Bickle a cop pretending to be a pimp pretending to be a cop?

That's the question that's on the mind of Jackie Harris, a petty thief turned street pimp, and Frankie, his new girl with the amazing body - the highest-priced call girl in the state.

Travis Bickle is a veteran of the police force with a taste for money, power and pussy. When the job requires him to go undercover as part of the mayor's plan to clean up vice, Travis has a hard time playing it straight. Fast cash, free love, and the idea of early retirement on a tropical island is a lot for him to resist. Too much.

Stingers is a lurid tale of dirty cops, high-priced call girls, and streetwise criminals who get their wires crossed over a sting operation targeting an elite escort service run by the most powerful pimip in town... Travis Bickle?


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