SodomThis psychiatric hospital for men isn't bad as you imagined. It's worse. "Sodom" is the story of Sean Roark, a street hustler who actually does a criminal - and crazy - act to get himself committed to notorious sodom, so he can save his long time lover Andy from the demonic clutches of Dr. Noel, whose dream is to make sane men insane, utilizing Anal probings to unlock his patients' troubled minds.

In Sodom, Sean meets a bevy of over-the-edge patients, including Max, the Diva of the deranged, Dante, a Sadomasochistic Queen, and Young, innocent Bud, a Schizoid who can turn on you in a dime. Roark finally discovers the nasty secrets about Sodom and, in a pitched battle, frees his lover Andy...but not without paying a high price!


Versions available:
Sodom - 000732156129

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