Sex Angels 2 Disc (SE)

Sex Angels 2 Disc (SE)Our cock-hungry heroines are right in the firing-line of dildos, strap-ons (which they easily deal with!), bullets & waves of spurting jism, until, in a frenetic finale, evil is finally over-cum!

In 150 minutes & 6 scenes of red hot hardcore action directed by Xavi Dominguez, the Sex Angels shag their way to world sexual salvation!

The Special Edition 2-disc pack is packed with extras - as well as enjoying the movie in 5.1 surround sound, viewers get an extra scene, a behind-the-scenes report, an interview with the director Xavi Dominguez, featurettes, and all the usual Private DVD extras...

Sex Angels 2 Disc (SE)

Versions available:
Sex Angels - Special Edition (2 discs) - 1032563

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