Rubber Ponies

Rubber PoniesUntil now it's all been a fantasy.

The Rubber Slaves are subjected to hours of training on the treadmill and suspension above the dungeon floor in full latex, boots, and pony gear.

When the indoor training is finished, Mistress Amanda decides it is time to go outdoors. And what could be more elegant than an early-morning turn about the park in a slave-drawn ponycart? Recently, Mistress Jean and her cohort Mistress Wildefyre met at the very crack of dawn to don their matching latex corsets and thigh-high latex boots and rig their latex ponies. Each pony was bound in an inflatable latex catsuit, leather pony boots and pony head-harness, and most importantly, remote genital shocking devices to keep the beasts under control. Both ponies were mindful of the cock-shockers they were wearing (and the controls the Mistresses held as they rode!), and so Mistress Jean and Mistress Wildefyre had little trouble keeping them to their gait.

Rubber Ponies

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