Red Vibe Diaries #2: Dark Desires

Red Vibe Diaries #2: Dark DesiresStacy Valentine in her hottest, most riveting erotic performance to date is the star of James Avalon's critically acclaimed film about the transformation of a beautiful Beverly Hills housewife into the consummate high class whore.

But is her secret sex life all that fulfilling? Has she been liberated from society's sterile rules only to find herself, yet again, a prisoner of another kind? This time, a captive of her own dark and depraved desires. And what about her mystery lover? What does she do when she realizes that he wants her all to himself, and if he can't have her exclusively, he'd rather destroy her completely. Find out in the conclusion of this lushly photographed story about erotic greed and sexual depravity.

Red Vibe Diaries #2: Dark Desires

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