Private Football Cup 2006

Private Football Cup 2006Released to coincide with the World Cup, 'Private Football Cup 2006' is a game within a game. Where two soccer teams, one all male the other all female battle it out both on an off the pitch. The guys want to score and the girls want to show off their expert ball control techniques...

The story is about Vladimir Klinski, a Ukraine millionaire, who is always flexing his buying power by purchasing new business ventures. His business partner informs him that he's bought an all female football team. Enter 'The Vis', his new all-girl acquisition, they've won the league championship three times in a row and now they are Vladimir's new 'play things.' Their direct competition is the all male soccer team 'The Zodiaks.' Vladimir's partner Ivan, arranges a head to head match between the two... then the fun really begins.

World class director JF Romagnoli shows you the yin and yang of the fast paced world of soccer. Watch the steamy tension between the teams mount into rising pleasure; see athletic girls score and bend like no one has bent before in 7 hardcore sex scenes on the pitch, in limousines, in luxury villas, multicamera footbal shots and realistic studio sets. See them live the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and the powerful and see them seduce and lap up the sexual energy of their competitors.

The game climaxes with a championship match close, the girls team triumphs and Vladimir is satisfied that his sports venture scores him yet another million to add to his fortune.

Private Football Cup 2006

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