Private Eye

Private EyeStarring Mandy Bright, Julia Taylor, Bobbi Eden, Alexa Mai and a host of other adult film favourites, Private Eye tells the story of a man trapped in a quandary wrapped inside a conundrum. Bill, a private investigator, is hired to follow a mans wife who is behaving strangely. Every day, she visits the grave of a woman who has been dead for a hundred years, and then goes to a museum, where she spends hours staring at a mysterious portrait. Whose grave is she visiting? Sparks fly when Bill eventually can't resist getting involved in trying to help the woman and becomes wrapped up in a web of intrigue and obsession.

In a plot that pays tribute to Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo", Antonio Adamo masterfully blends sex, story and his own glamorous style. As with all the best Private productions, viewers get a hefty helping of non-stop sexual action along the way, including, illicit office affairs a few steamy brothel encounters and lots of lusty passionate bedroom antics.

Private Eye

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Private Eye - DPPG060-NENPH-P

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