Private Chateau

Private ChateauThe Struggle for Power is the first part of this blockbusting 3 part trilogy.

‘Private Château' is set in the vineyards of Spain's Costa Brava. This three-part saga takes you on a journey through history to present day following the secret lusts, desires and infidelities between two feuding families – the Colls & the Montforts.

The Colls have owned their vineyard for centuries, but now this noble family is ridden with debts and the only way to save the family business is to find an investor. A crack lawyer comes up with an idea to save the vineyard - a marriage between the daughter of the nouveau riche Montfort family and the Coll’s eldest son.

Sounds simple enough, but when you discover that members of both families are embroiled in secret affairs, corruption, back stabbing, the search for hidden gold, murder and an attempted takeover bid for the vineyard by Private -things start to get really interesting!

All this drama is topped off with a steamy undercurrent of lust driving the passions of the characters into the hardest sex scenes imaginable, as the feuding families fight to ensure the future of their fortunes and their family honour.

Immerse yourself in a tale of unbridled passion as we follow the feuding and the fucking, the infidelities and the intrigues of this Mediterranean sex saga ‘Private Château.’

Private Chateau

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