Painful Pleasures

Painful PleasuresClippers are buzzing, removing hair from the submissive slave's body. Next, the depilatory cream is applied. What will happen next, one can only guess. Lady Cheyenne, sitting in her throne, is attempting to train a loving housewife in the art of foot worship. In the corner is a large, rubber-lined deprivation box which holds her equally submissive husband. The action moves back and forth between the two. Not happy with her progress, Lady Cheyenne begins a series of flogging and spanking punishment.

The female slave is then encased in a clear vinyl, inflatable mattress. Once inside, she is subjected to more torment. Suspended in a metal gibbet cage, the husband is forced to watch his wife's training in ass worship and spanking punishment, unable to participate in any way. Satisfied that she has finally broken the unruly girl, Lady Cheyenne takes the girl for a personal slave, as her husband is helpless to do anything but watch...held captive in the clear inflatable mattress.

Painful Pleasures

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