Open Legs Open Minds

Open Legs Open MindsWelcome to the horny world of Private Triple X, where we bring you 6 brand new hardcore stories as these open minded chicks, open their legs just for you...

Story #1 - Deep down in her dungeon of depravity Katarina watches her prey. She teases her victim with her succulent tits, tortures him with her body and if he's good she'll let him have her quivering asshole.

Story #2 - Ahhh, fun in the sun, white beaches, clear blue seas, how lovely! And while Stefania Bruni and Cindy Lords frolic at the shores edge, they get spotted by a guy who is training for a marathon. As he does his push ups to build up his stamina, Stefania & Cindy decide to put that stamina to the test...

Story #3 - In the Sex Spa, you’ll find that the Jacuzzis are kept bubbling by the frothy juices from the girls cunts and the spurting spray from a throbbing cock.

Story #4 - A horny bride and groom play a game of chess before they have to go to church, but soon it’s check mate and obviously time to mate!

Story #5 - When a girl camps out illegally on a farmers land, she has to pay for the tent pitch by fucking the farmer and his two farm hands.

Story #6 Famed for his talent for finding fresh pussy in Budapest, director Alberto Rey brings you an extremely hardcore bukkake scene as he introduces you to his latest hot discovery.

Open Legs Open Minds

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