Naughty British Babes

Naughty British BabesFrom the mouth of Mr Dover: First up is Cherie: a horny housewife whom I met up with at the historic landmark Stonehenge, and, within the hour the bubbly brunette was squirting all over my camcorder lens!

Next came Toni, a sexy college student with a burn-ing ambition to get fucked on film. My assistant's rather attractive cleaner Cathy not only cleans up rather nicely but wrapped her lips round our cocks rather splendidly as well! Next up was Hannah; a voluptuous redhead with a penchant for having her ripe round asshole plundered!

And last but not least comes Bev: a college student chum of Toni's who was deter-mined to go one better than her mate and was caught on camera being right royally doubly penetrated

Naughty British Babes

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