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Micro Orb - Waterproof Bullet Massager

Micro Orb - Waterproof Bullet MassagerVibrate your cares away any time, any where!

Technology is finally making it possible to satisfy yourself with electronic vibration from virtually anywhere!

This electric massage bullet is just a tiny 3" x 1/2". It's so quiet you can barely hear it over your own breathing, but it's so powerful that whether you're using it for clitoral stimulation to excite yourself or a lover or massaging your temples to wash away the day's stress, you'll be satisfied in no time at all!

And when we say you can take it anywhere, we mean it! This little bullet is waterproof for massaging vibration in the shower, tub or pool!

Micro Orb - Waterproof Bullet Massager

Versions available:
Micro Orb - Waterproof Bullet Massager - SE-0064-22-2