Marc Anthony

Marc AnthonyWelcome to the world of Ancient Rome and Egypt. It's 58BC and the beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is in turmoil. The Egyptian empire is falling apart at the seams and she doesn't know how to save her beloved kingdom. She asks the Gods and they tell her she must marry and bear a child to handsome Roman General Marc Anthony. She sends for him and they are married, but then the real problems start, because Marc Anthony is GAY!

As Marc Anthony fucks his way around the Egyptian palace, Cleopatra begins to suspect that Marc may not be able to provide her with an heir to the throne. She tries everything to turn him straight including magic potions and spells, but when you’re gay you’re gay!

Awards won by this movie: - Venus 2003 Special Jury Award-Marc Anthony - FICEB 2003 Heat Gay for Best Supporting Actor, Lucas Foz, for Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony

Versions available:
Marc Anthony - 1016060

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