Lost Angels Olivia Del Rio

Lost Angels Olivia Del RioWith the Lost Angels series, producer Michael Ninn takes a relatively unknown director and one particular female porn star and combines them in five uniquely styled scenes. Ninn's goal is to demonstrate how differently "mood," and lighting, and wardrobe, and makeup, and obviously sexual partners, can provide the viewer with entirely different experience. The one constant shines through in this endeavor: All of the experiences are erotic.

Continuing this frankly sexual series, Olivia shows us what a woman that simply enjoys a physical act can experience. From a dusty old West theme to an elegant lesbian romp in Bel Aire splendor, Olivia focuses only on her partner. But it's in her music room tryst with Nick Manning that we truly get to witness Olivia's penchant for the sexual concerto. Many women perform sexual antics for the camera these days, but whether it's "traditional," anal, or with another woman, very few know how to truly enjoy the sexual moment and effectively share it with the viewer. America may have the lion's share of XXX talent in the world, but the foreign seasonings provided by Producer Ninn, Director Kane, and Performer Olivia Del Rio here make this an unusually tasty buffet.

Lost Angels Olivia Del Rio

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