Lady of the Rings

Lady of the RingsWelcome to a world filled with devilish darcs, evil wizards, battles and heroics in our brand new epic blockbuster - Frank Thring's ‘Lady of the Rings.'

Filmed in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand and the Hungarian Film Studios and starring 13 sumptuous lust filled ladies including Silvia Saint! It’s the story of Sodo and her servant Sammie who are two horny uninhibited hibbits.

Under the guidance of the wizard Bindolf, Sodo has possession of an all powerful ring and the group set out on a quest to destroy the ring in molten lava by throwing it into the volcano at Mount Chaos. But the evil wizard Semmenman also wants that ring which will give him unrivalled powers so that he can destroy the Outer Earth... Sammy and Sodo have to fuck their way towards their goal! They are joined by blond beauty Dannathorn and Thyicides played by Silvia Saint to make a heroic and hightly seductive team! In their non-stop adventure of danger, action, thrills, fantasies, sorcery and magic, evil and darkness, destruction and the burning fires of hell, capture and bondage, slavery and seduction, anger and passion and hot tight asses and dripping cunts taking cock after cock! There’s pussy eating, ass banging, dildo thrusting, and creamy facials that are demanded by sperm obsessed cum hungry hibbits!

Masked Darcs pillage them, evil wizards double penetrate them, knights capture their hearts and cunts. There are orgies, threesomes, foursomes, gang bangs and luscious lesbian action!

Lady of the Rings

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