Lacie's Life

LacieFrom Anytown, USA, to Vivid, California! Where any girl can become a Debbie!

From fluff and fold to fluff and puff in two short months! Two months ago Lacie Heart was a sweet little suburban tart, doing her laundry at the local fluff and fold, hitting the Denny's for a late night Grand Slam, and grabbing tongue kisses under the bleachers after the local college games. Then something got into her. Hollywood. Fame. Lust. Money. She called Vivid... and the rest is history.

It's Lacie's Life! Starring sweet, cute little Lacie Heart, doing just about the nastiest stuff we've ever seen a newcomer do. And visionary director Ace King captured her whole first porn experience with his cockumentary camera crew, from dusk to dawn and ass to mouth. This is the Life. Lacie's Life. Only from Vivid.

Lacie's Life

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