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Jenteal Ultra Realistic Vagina & Anus

Jenteal Ultra Realistic Vagina & AnusMoulded from Jenteal and made from a revolutionary new compound for the softest skin ever! This ultra-realistic material expands to give every man a perfect fit. The detail and texture are amazing.

Full variable speed vibration MSX sex controller offers true variable speed performance. This incredible sensual toy has two entries, the vagina and anus to satisfy your sexual needs.

This vagina is as realistic as it gets! One of the finest toys available! You can not pass this one up if you're a very sexual guy unless you have your sole mate available 24hrs a day. Jenteal is perfect for business trips, fantasy play and so many other erotic moments.

Also included Vivid Girls Lube and Vivid Texture Talc.

Jenteal Ultra Realistic Vagina & Anus

Versions available:
Jenteal Ultra Realistic Vagina and Anus - 5520-01-BX