Italian Flair

Italian FlairMarco Grossetti is a leading fashion photographer. He is hired by Gianni De Gay to find the right girl to launch a new fragrance called Adam and Eve. She must possess the exact combination of beauty, sexiness and have a daring attitude. Marco begins his hunt for the girl who will become the symbol of this advertising campaign. But he is in competition with his arch rival who runs an advertising company, using her sexual powers she will stop at nothing to win the contract from Gianni.

Antonio Adamo directs this movie which is overflowing with glamour, fashion and of course the most stunning models known to mankind. There are some great scenes in this movie including a fantastic orgy scene with four guys and three girls, and a hillarious scene with a telephone, Gianni De Gay, his cock and a very foxy lady.

Italian Flair

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Italian Flair - 1002167

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