Island Fever

Island FeverIn Island Fever travel with Private to sensual and mysterious Ibiza, and experience life amidst the island's feverish landscapes. From poolside passion to steamy sexual encounters on a luxurious yacht, Herold makes great use of his backdrops and his gorgeous tanned cast.

Island Fever follows the story of a struggling writer (played by Tom Herold) who can't decide what kind of story to write to portray his beloved island, Ibiza. Through his indecision, we get treated to a host of different sex fantasy scenarios, including one with a money-grabbing crumpet who tempts millionaires with her beauty, only to make a post-coital get-away with the loot, and another of a wife who treats her husband to a surprise anniversary gift - a poolside tryst with two beautiful girls!

Island Fever

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Island Fever - 1009982

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