Invasion of the Porno Shooters

Invasion of the Porno ShootersThey came, they shot, they conquered!

They were the perfect family until the cameras moved in...

They were a regular Leave It To Beaver household... until a porno crew rented their place and the Beaver took over! Sure dad went off to work. And mom did her errands. Sure Sis and Bud went off to school. But somehow they all managed to sneak back in and make the scene with a pornstar when the cameras weren't looking! Chuck Lords presents hot homewrecker Lexie Marie in Vivid's hilarious new comedy "Invasion Of The Porno Shooters". It's what happens when the living room becomes the rimming room and pantry fills with panties! Look out! They're tea-bagging on the tabletop!

Invasion of the Porno Shooters

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