I Only Love Spunk

I Only Love SpunkPrivate is delighted to announce the signing of Britains most exciting new female porn director Ionie Luv Coxxx. Tired of seeing an all male British Porn scene playing 2nd fiddle to the USA, 25 year old Ionie Luv Coxxx - in her own words "a filthy buxom sexpot with tits, ass and a Gonzo girl power pitch" - is all set to wow the world with her new series for Private.

With an all new style, the series takes regular guys from the street and invites them to sample the delights of some awesome professional porn actresses. All, of course, caught on camera by Privates delectable female director. "I dont use male porn stars just girls and regular guys" says Ionie "I think the sexual excitement is higher.... all the guys know that next time it could be them being sucked by one of my girls, with me filming!

So sit back unzip, get hip to this gonzo chick porn flick and get ready for the one and only Ionie Luv Coxxx who will be cumming to a town near you." The result is an exciting new series that is often funny, often surprising, and always guaranteed to deliver the very red hottest reality hardcore action imaginable. Forget imitations, this time it's for real.

I Only Love Spunk

Versions available:
I Only Love Spunk - 1080663

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