Hole in One

Hole in OneBalls at the ready, its time to get a hole in one! J Y Lecastel polishes his club for a return to the golf course in this latest frenzy on the fairway. With 7 succulent chicks, the balls soon start flying as they are driven home with an expert stroke straight into the gaping holes. The director himself takes the lead role as a cosmetics salesman who discovers quite by chance the way to charm his team of crème testers and quickly gains himself the reputation of a red hot Romeo.

Getting to sample the delicious delights of Melody Magic, Electra Angels, Erika Fire and company in an amazing selection of red hot fucking and pussy licking, his reputation spreads and his professional success seems to take off until his little black book falls into the hands of his boss... classic Le Castel Cuc-Mal!

Hole in One

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