Gladiator Trilogy Box Set

Gladiator Trilogy Box SetHollywood style stage sets and wardrobe and Antonio Adamo´s cinema- style film-making give this epic fuckathon a definite mainstream movie feel with a super-sexy hardcore edge. PRIVATE at it's best! And all the awards prove we can't be wrong! Set in ancient Rome, we journey from battlefield to Roman baths to opulent bedrooms whilst witnessing the most orgasmic collection of anal, frenzied orgies, deep down and dirty DPs, lusty lesbian threesomes, mouth-watering oral, splattering facials, you want more!?

And don’t forget you’ll get to see ravishing Rita’s gorgeous tits in every DVD - marvel at her awesome tit- wank technique! Guaranteed to get you unzipping on the edge of your seat! All this plus the 1 hour long extras which feature even more horny Private Stars! Phew!

Gladiator Trilogy Box Set

Versions available:
DVD-Pack: Gladiator Trilogy (4 discs) - 1008068

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