Gaper Maker #4

Gaper Maker #46 Gaping Scenes, Over 2 Hours!

Warning: These gapes are performed by pros. Do not try this at home.

Open says-me! Having an ass that magically gapes on command is the dream of every aspiring young slut. It's an empowering ability that turns an ordinary whore into a cock magnet anywhere she goes. What man can resist filling a hole that huge with anything he can get his hands on?

Delve deep inside the colon cavities of six eager butt babes whose severely stretched sphincters are waiting to be stuffed and filled.

Filthy ass-dipped blowjobs, hardcore hole-expanding penetrations, and amazing poopchute poundings that stretch the limits of bizarre. Witness the making of the glorious gaper!

Gaper Maker #4

Versions available:
Gaper Maker #4 - 82738018094

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