Free Lovin'

Free LovinDonna and Steve have just moved into a new duplex. Suddenly, their happy marriage begins to unravel. Steve dreams of having wild sex with a mysterious creature known as the Blonde Whip Mistress, and Donna dreams of having sex with a nameless biker.

Things become even more strained for Donna and Steve after they meet their neighbors, Jesse and Kismet, a young couple who eerily resemble the pair's dream lovers. Steve is drawn to Kismet, and Donna is equally hot for Jesse.

The married couple quickly gives in to their desires. Each has a wild encounter with one of the sexy neighbors that can be best described as "out of this world." With their marriage revigorated, Donna and Steve are eternally grateful to their new-found friends. What happens when Donna and Steve try to express their gratitude?

Free Lovin'

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