Fetish and Magic

Fetish and MagicEach flash of the camera leads us on a new stage in this torrid trip as Kovi treats us to his potent pot-pourri which takes us through a sensational scene of erotic equestrian antics as Leslie Taylor is whipped and ridden like a horse. Another flash of the camera and we find ourselves in a surreal studio where the news reader is seduced by the mischievous Michelle Wild. Tomatoes take us through the next stage in a scene that will have food fetishists wriggling in delight as cunt juice and tomato juice are mixed into the cocktail of kings.

We finish up in a wicked industrial wasteland for a frenzied finale with fountains of spunk spurting into the faces of slavering sluts Michelle Wild, Katalyn and Agnes.

Fetish and Magic

Versions available:
Fetish and Magic - 1004904

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