Fetish Recall - Fact or Friction

Fetish Recall - Fact or FrictionCan you draw the line between fantasy and reality? Fact and fiction? As the film opens, we are introduced to a group of homeless men sitting in a back lot trying to keep warm. The men of the group are hobos by trade. But one man, Bill Hopkins, is different. He has a story to tell: a fantastic story filled with drama, intrigue, deceit and lots of hardcore sex!

Amidst all the hot and horny action, the viewer is asked to decide: Are we to believe in Bills fantastical tales, or are they just a load of mechanical bull? Either way, Kovi takes you on a wild ride filled with elaborate settings, saucy fetish wear and loads of boot-licking fun! You wont find out if Bills tales were truth or fiction until the surprise grand finale of Fetish Recall - Fact or Friction?

Fetish Recall - Fact or Friction

Versions available:
Fetish Recall - Fact or Friction - DFET011-NENPH-P

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