Enjoy the Abyss

Enjoy the AbyssAfter being blackmailed by the merciless loan shark Poniatowski, Kazakis, the father of young, innocent Angel, commits suicide. The girl falls into the hands of Anne, her perverted stepmother who tells her that shell take care of her, but in reality she cant wait to get rid of her. While still in mourning, her stepmother throws herself into depraved sex with one of her masochistic lovers. Poor Angel locks herself in her room and curses herself for being weak, and as she looks at her reflection in front of the mirror she says "I wish I was bad!" And so she descends into a vortex of domination, sodomy and vengeance as she sees visions of women dressed as fetish crazed demons who take their pleasure from telling Angel to "Do it, do it! Enjoy the Abyss!"

So Angel starts to look into her own personal abyss. She sees bad girls dressed as macho boys dancing and fucking each other and men who kneel before leather idols, using and abusing them while perverted sodomists feed their twisted desires with pure fetishism. Soon Angel learns how to be really bad using her female lover Eve as a tool for avenging her fathers death. Once Angel returns from the Abyss she sees life in a very different way. She frees herself from Annes clutches and throws herself into her brave new world, determined to satisfy every carnal craving she has!

Enjoy the Abyss

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