DVD 4 Pack: Sex and Guns

DVD 4 Pack: Sex and GunsIs that a gun in your pocket? Or are you just pleased to lay your eyes on the 40 red-hot girls that star in the Sex & Guns Limited Edition DVD pack? You're in store for over 7 hours of smokin' hot fucking featuring Privates most beautiful babes with their hands firmly around their fully cocked handpieces.

Included in this 4 Disc Box Set are:

Lethal Information
Gina, an incredibly beautiful woman, is a member of a dangerous group of terrorists who want to get hold of a CD that contains the design of a powerful massive destruction weapon at all costs. Gina uses her own feminine weapons - her tits, pussy and ass, to try and get hold of the valuable information.

Sex on the high seas & plenty of seamen to splatter pretty faces! Private takes you on the winding path of a thriller where the most stunning scenery serves as a backdrop for 16 gorgeous girls who are gonna blow your mind as you witness unimaginable pleasure!

Guns & Rough Sex
A scorching storyline filled with police investigations, struggles for personal interests, lies, deceit and, above all, passionate sex.

Operation Sex Siege
Starring the best PRIVATE girls all wanting to put their insatiable sexual appetites to the test, offering us hot scenes packed with anal sex, DPs, oral sex, duos, trios... need we say more? - Digitally remastered 16:9 - A nail biting action packed movie where bankjobs and blowjobs are equal. The action is non stop as hardcore sex is used at every opportunity in this tale of greed, suspense and anal delights.

Rapid-fire sex and double-barrelled, double-penetrations from Privates anal arsenal are what this compilation is all about!!

DVD 4 Pack: Sex and Guns

Versions available:
DVD-Pack: Sex and Guns (4 discs) - 1013080

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