Cadillac Highway

Cadillac HighwayAxel Braun takes us to California and plunges us into the wild world of ‘Cock ‘n' Roll.' 6 scenes of sizzling sex guide us through the steamy story as stars-in-her-eyes southern girl Priscilla (Avy Scott) chases her dream to become a singer, but she soon discovers that her true vocation is more anal than musical!

Filmed entirely in the USA and with a cameo role from Ron Jeremy as the ‘uncle turned porn producer’, we travel from LA to Las Vegas as our wannabe rock chick follows her ambition. Guided by the ghost of Elvis she embarks on this surreal hardcore adventure, only to ultimately realize, when success is knocking on the door, that she would prefer to be going down on some stiff cock than going up on stage.

With a searingly hot stream of anal, oral and some climatic cumshots that splatter thick and fast, we are treated to an extravagant, sexy, tongue-in-cheek feature from world-renowned, award-winning director Axel Braun, filled with a superb cast and hot, nasty sex!

Cadillac Highway

Versions available:
Cadillac Highway - 1038000

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