A Hidden Pleasure

A Hidden PleasureImagine that you have the utlimate voyeuristic power - you have the means to make yourself totally invisible! You can stand in peoples bedrooms totally unseen and watch them masturbate, screw and live out their sexually fantasies.

Imagine that cute girl that lives next door, youve always fantasised about her, wondering how pert her tits must be underneath her top, imagining what her bush looks like, is it shaved or trimmed? How does she fuck? Does she like anal? All these questions could be answered if you had the power to be invisible! In A Hidden Pleasure director Alessander del Mar gives this incredible power to one guy.

Follow his adventures into hardcore voyeurism in the beautiful Caribbean paradises of Santa Domingo & St. Martin. Each of the six scenes is packed with fantastic cum shots that explode over some of Privates top stars faces after they have played hide and seek the cock deep inside their tight asses.

A Hidden Pleasure

Versions available:
Hidden Pleasure, A - 1042307

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