75 Nurse Orgy

75 Nurse OrgyThis is a girl watcher's dream come true, a fast paced lesbian lustfest that never lets up. It's got one of the most massive cast lists ever seen in hardcore, filled to overflowing with just about every female porner currently working in the business.

From fresh faced freaks to well seasoned mavens, there's something for every taste here. These curvaceous cuties squeeze their fabulous figures into some skimpy little nurses' uniforms, only to squirm out of them at the very first erotic opportunity.

Contrary to what the title might imply, though, this isn't just one big orgy featuring all the gals. In fact, it's a string of blistering lesbian group gropes, all edited together end to end to form one lasciviously lengthy collection of carnal encounters. There's everything you'd expect from an over the top lesbian flick here, including wild sex toys and plenty of well lubed lust bunnies.

The gals all really seem to be having a great time here, giving their all to drive their fellow femmes wild.

The sets are all believable enough, providing hospital room and nurses' station backdrops for the ladies' sexy shenanigans. In groups of ten to twelve at a time, these scrumptious sirens lay it all on the line.

Anyone expecting a scintillating plot or rationale for what's going on should look elsewhere. For those looking for delectable women of all ages, piling on one another in scene after scene of nurse themed Sapphic sizzle, this is about the best choice you can possibly make.

75 Nurse Orgy

Versions available:
75 Nurse Orgy - 000732208590

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